MDA Distilled – Stephen J. Mellor, Kendall Scott, Axel Uhl, Dirk Weise Review

MDA DistilledMDA Distilled is going to provide an excellent understanding on the ideas and possible ways of properly implementing MDA.

The book is easy to read and very clear on describing the MDA concepts and what can be achieved.

PMDA implements a Parametric MDA approach and the main difference from the PMDA approach and the Book’s MDA approach, is that the book uses UML where, PMDA provides an alternative language for each MDA viewpoint, which are:

  • PCIML – Parametric Computation Independent Modelling Language
  • PPIML – Parametric Platform Independent Modelling Language
  • PPSML – Parametric Platform Specific Modelling Language

In parallel to reading the book, the following sources also provide good information around MDA and related standards:

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