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Guil ScomparimGuilherme Scomparim (Guil) is an experienced Business Architect and Software Engineer with extensive consulting career that has seen the delivery of more than 50 different projects internationally (Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany), in many well-known organizations (IBM, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Lufthansa, Electrolux, Vodafone, O2, Coca-Cola, etc) performing many different roles.

Guil provides a great depth of experience in designing and implementing robust and flexible integration solutions focusing on delivering business benefits and achieving valuable outcomes using his specialized skills combined with an in-depth understanding of the nature of the business.

Guil has added value to many government and enterprise organisations by delivering innovative business driven solutions that are aligned with enterprises strategies. Guil’s professional career is characterized by:

  • A commitment to help business leadership achieve their vision.
  • Special passion in improving the synergy between Business and IT. Recently Guil has invested a considerable part of his free time investigating the application of Semantic Technology (Taxonomy, Ontology, Thesaurus) to find an alternative approach that would reliably integrate disciplines such as Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture and Service-Oriented Architecture to deliver better business benefits.
  • Focus on analysing each project (successful or unsuccessful) and learning to adapt and improve project techniques and solutions across industries, using innovative ideas and new technology to improve the outcomes of the next project.
  • Being a versatile professional involved in all aspects of Information Management and Technology, from the metal up to Enterprise IT governance, within a risk-aware framework.
  • Successful delivery of solutions in many business sectors in both public and private domains, including Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Water and Electricity utilities, Banking, Media, Global Distribution, Retail, Regulatory, Trading, R&D, Web Start-ups and Internet Service.
  • Addressing salvage operations in the most complex environments, both from technical and political perspectives, turning around the problem and achieving valuable solution outcomes.

Guil has a Postgraduate degree in Enterprise Strategic Management UNICAMP (Brazil) a Bachelor degree in Systems Analysis PUCCAMP (Brazil) and a Data Processing Technician High School certificate ETEC (Brazil). Guil is also certified in a number of Software Packages and ITIL Foundation.

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