books I would like to recommendAlmost four years  ago when I started developing the PMDA tool, I was too busy implementing large projects that I never really had time and/or enjoyed reading books. The 15 previous years of my life, I only read technical or project related documentation.

During the process of building PMDA, and encouraged by my mentor JeanPierre Paillet (JP), I was introduced to some marvellous material that helped me not only understand the theory behind all the pragmatic development approach I had, but also helped me in build a very robust logical solution.

Both, the supporting technology and the theory behind my approach are still not well known by professionals currently implementing Enterprise applications. Therefore, it’s important to provide references to the material that help the people interested in fully understand how the puzzles get together.

I also hope to motivate people like me that never had time or enjoyed reading a book, to start with some of these references. These books will cover a great deal around software engineering, philosophy, cognition, modelling and business architecture.

NOTE: To use PMDA, you do not need this knowledge. These references are only for people that want to understand the entire concept.

The next books I recommend for entrepreneurs that are working very hard in developing a new product that implements a new idea. They will not only motivate you but also will provide useful tips of making the idea happen.

The other reviews will be published soon

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