Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist Review

Semantic Web for the working ontologist

The Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist is the first book I read. I read it soon after I had the idea founded in the Subject Predicate and Object.

At that time, I used to think with a relational database structure in mind and things were not really connecting. With little understanding of my idea, JP introduced me to OWL and in particular this book.

This book is a piece of art and it will give you a clear path on how to use the Semantic Web in order to yield all the power of data and connectivity that I required. This book also converted me from thinking in relational data structures to see things in graphs.

I do not see myself as a visionary, but I know that any time soon, all of us are going to be using in some ways this powerful technology. So why not be one of the pioneers in understanding the power of the Semantic Web.

In parallel to reading the book, the following sources also provide good information on Semantic Web:

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