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blog ideaSix years ago, Guilherme Scomparim had an idea on how to build a tool which would streamline the entire process of defining, implementing and deploying new enterprise business services. The idea would enable the development of a tool in the form of a workbench, where a businessperson could model its business capabilities in a way that these models could be later implemented using any type of technology and also deployed using any different type of platform. In this way, any changes in the business capability models would be propagated to the technology services with very little or in most cases, no change of code required. This would enable the flexibility so desired by the business and would reduce drastically the time and money required to implement changes in the supporting technology services.

The result of this six years of work is the development of the Parametric Model Driven Architecture (PMDA) Framework. The PMDA framework brings together several recent technical developments and trends, such as Enterprise Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture, Model-Driven Architecture, Cloud Computing, Appliances, Business Orchestration and Semantic Technology, to create a practical tool that drastically simplifies the design, development and deployment of Enterprise Information Systems. Currently there are many tools available, which deliver some of the technical means individually, however their synergy has not been generally perceived in the same way it is delivered in PMDA.

Since PMDA is founded on the power of the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and the fact that the Owl has long represented wisdom inspired the name for this blog “OWL NEST BLOG”. The OWL NEST BLOG is the place to learn this new approach of building the Executable Business Architecture where it is possible to model the business capability definition, the business design and the business technology services deployment.

The blog pages will take you on a journey with Louis-Vijay Dupont (LVD). LVD’s scenario is going to illustrate the challenges faced today by any enterprise when deploying business services using technology. With the challenge defined,  the landscape is set, and the PMDA method described. Later the blog describes the PMDA Framework product. The blog is a work in progress, and feedback are very welcome, this will help me continue to improve it.

The PMDA Framework the ESTCA Engine and SPOP protocol
The Parametric Model Driven (PMDA) Framework Models connecting the Services to the Events State Transition Condition Action (ESTCA) Engine using the Subject Predicate Object Protocol (SPOP)


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