Moving from R&D to commercialization

I am currently in the transition between R&D and commercialization of a new product that I believe is going to change the way we build and deploy technology used to support and automate Enterprise Business Capabilities. I have dedicated my entire career maximizing the business benefits and return on investment of projects that delivered some kind of technology. During this period, a part form the politics of any project, my biggest challenge was always around building flexibility when integrating many different domains and technologies.

Building integration between CRM and other domains such ERP, SCM, e-commerce B2B or B2C portals, mobile technology, etc from different vendors in my opinion is not an easy task, however it is achievable with the technology available.

The problem and difficult starts when building an architecture that is flexible enough to evolve with the constant business changes with the available technology in the market place.
With this challenge in mind, and using some state of the art new technology, I developed a new method and product, which enables enterprises and industry ecosystems to take benefits of a real Service Oriented Architecture.
The only thing I really underestimated in this entire process was the difficult in finding customers that would be willing to take the risk and also having access to serious investors that would not only look to current forecasts numbers but also see that the idea has the potential to change the world and consequently be very profitable with a long sustainable growth path.
The entire product is about delivering Return on Investment, however I am only one man and I reached a point, where I must find a way to work full time on the idea, getting my first customer and building a team to transform the proved prototype into an easy to use modelling tool that can deliver to all its potential .
Therefore, now it is time to start to share the ideas and details of the method and product with the intent to get as many of you interest to try and benefit from this new approach. I also want to get feedback in order to continue improve the product.


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